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Project Description

SMS Notifier watches for incoming calls that are missed (i.e. not answered). Depending on configuration settings it does the following things: 1) Send an SMS message to the caller (configurable contents), possibly containing also the end time of current appointment (configurable). 2) Adds an item to calendar (containing the caller info)


I originally built this mobile application as a sample for Mobiiliohjelmointipäivä (mobile software development) -seminar in Tampere University of Technology at 19.12.2005. Since then I have also shown it to the students of Mobiiliohjelmointi (Mobile software development) -course lectured at TUT and distributed live also to Universities of Tampere, Oulu, Turku and Helsinki as well as Helsinki University of Technology. The video recording of my lecture as well as the slides are available via the course home page. The content there is mostly in Finnish. I have also shown it as an example application in numerous events where Windows Mobile has been presented.

Why Codeplex?

I originally distributed the app through my personal blog page within and Microsoft internal ISP hosting service. As time passed and the app got more famous I decided to move it into a more official hosting platform. And more importantly to an environment that would allow others to join me in developing it further. Codeplex is based on Team Foundation Server, a platform for distributed software development with many kinds of lifecycle tools included. Within Codeplex I get to see how it really feels in production.


The application requires the following to run:
  • Windows Mobile 5/6 -based Windows Mobile Professional (=Pocket PC Phone) device or starting from version 1.3 Windows Mobile Standard device
  • .NET Compact Framework 2.0 SP2 (download)

I have tested it on a QTEK 9100 device (description in finnish) as well as HTC TyTN WM5 & WM6, but it should run on other Windows Mobile 5/6 Pocket PC Phone devices as well.

Starting from version 1.3 a version for Windows Mobile Standard version (= Smartphone) is also available. I haven't had a chance to try it out on a real device, so there might be issues. Please report them via the issue tracker here on codeplex.

Installation instructions

Just get the .CAB file from releases to your device and run it. It will run the setup and you should be all set.

Requirements for development

If you want to participate in the development you will need the following:

Want to contribute?

We are very happy to accept new developers to the project. If you are interested, please contact Aali via Aali's blog.

Any Questions?

Feel free to contact the project coordinator (Aali Alikoski) through Aali's blog.

Further development ideas

  • Customizable calendar entry
  • Customizable settings for different contacts
  • Configuration screen should not be visible after being autostarted

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